Dear Fellow Classmates,

This is the very first "round robin" letter.
We began it in May of 1998.
Here is My Contribution:
Tim Kero

Hi Gerri,

Haven't seen you since '71!
Here's the scoop:

Married Sandra Berlanga in '72. Still married to her, believe it or not! I gave her some of my bad habits & she gave some of her good ones, so we finally met in the middle. Have 3 children: Tim, 23, MHS of '92; Lisa, 20, MHS of '95; Christopher, 14, Strong, 8th grade. All good kids.

Lived in Melvindale, Dearborn Heights, Melvindale, & currently in Allen Park (Melvindale school district), off Outer Drive & Southfield. Work for a design & build company, Progressive Tool & Industries, who took over the drafting house (Kirk Eng.) I went to after Chrysler laid me off in '79. Middle management. Sandra has worked for Ameritech since '80.

Lisa & her boyfriend, Geoff D'Herin (MHS of '93) had a baby boy 4 months ago, and we are proud grandparents! Finally started to feel old after I hit 40!

I try to keep up with jogging around Melvindale, but have been working too many hours this year.

I miss Phil Desparois at all the Chili Cook-offs we used to attend. Haven't been to one since he died.

I'm at work, so this is all I can sacrifice time for.