Several of our former teachers have passed away or retired. Here is a short update on some that I am aware of:

Dennis Rappuhn - retired, living in Livonia and still collecting antiques.

Joe Brant - passed away several years ago.

Jan Black - still teaching in the business department at MHS.

Fred Schmauch - retired, still reading about his love the Civil War.

Jerry Schmauch- passed away a few years ago. He suffered from heart disease and diabetes.

Clyde Picard- retired a few years back. He still shows up to all of the football games and runs the clock at home games.  Spends a lot of time traveling trying to keep tabs on his 9 kids!

Mario Bonfiglio- retired and teaches a class or two at University of Michigan/Dearborn campus.  .

Phil Kaltsas - suffered from a stroke back around 1976. He has not returned to work since then. However, he has worked with several area track teams over the years and is still the same great person that he has always been.

Dorothy Kaltsas- retired from the math department at MHS.

Roman Bohenek- Became business manager for Melvindale Schools before retiring. I ran into him at a book store last year and he looks great.

Robert VanValkenburg-Became President of the teachers union and later an administrator. Principal of Strong Middle School. In September of 1999 he was reassigned to Palmer school. He applied for and was hired as Principal for the Wayne-Westland District where he still works.

Gerald Wolf- Became Superintendent of Melvindale Schools. Retired and now living with his wife in the West Branch area.  By the way, he did a great job for the children of the district.

Alex Blaine- retired and passed away a few years ago of heart problems. 

Linda Korotney- Still teaching in the Language Arts Dept. at MHS.

Zonie Bryant- Became a counselor at Strong. Moved down south and is working with another school down there.

Robert Wallace- Became Principal at MHS. He is now retired
Cora Kelly- Became Principal at MHS. She is now doing a great job as our Assistant Superintendent.

Tom Rinna- retired and living in Dearborn.  Still enjoys getting together with his collegues for dinner and friendship.

Frank Morle- Passed away over twenty years ago.

Margaret Sherry - retired over twenty years ago

Robert Sherry- Retired over twenty years ago.

Marylin Mitea- passed away a few years of cancer

Max Angel- Became Principal at MHS, retired and passed away of cancer a few years ago.

Vincent Mitek- Retired, had both knees replaced, looks real good. Ran into him at a wrestling last year. His grandson wrestled for Grosse Ile.

John Overheiser-Was Superintendent of Schools and retired as Assistant Principal.

Bonnie (Mobley)Pounds- Retired as libarian at MHS last year.

Lincoln Naumoff- retired, still has a great attitude. Last I heard, was writing a book.

Jan Schmauch-Showalter   retired and now living in Fla.

Dale Sawicki- retired, was coaching football at Divine Child a few years ago. They won a State championship while ha was there. I've been told that he lives in Fla.

Wes Danyo- Passed away several years in a car crash as you are aware of.

Leo Turner- Passed away from a stroke a couple years ago. After serving our district as teacher and coach for so many years he served as a Board member before his death.

Mike Tims- Teaches math at MHS.

Dale Cummings- Retired from Strong last year. Now living in the U.P.

Bill Livingston-Retired and passed away several years ago.

Howard Kullen- Passed away from heart problems several years ago.

Julie Hammastrom- Retired, living out west.

Lois Anderson- Retired after her husband passed away several years ago.

Sam Caurdy - Board member, moved to Saline and passed away a few years ago of a stroke.

Hope this helps.

I talked with the Union President this morning and she is going to get me an address of a teacher that can help with e-mail addresses etc. I'll send it along later.

Best wishes


Mark Kavorkian is currently the  principal at Strong and a classmate of Roxanne & Kathy's!  Don Fish is his assistant principal

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