Ron was in the class of 1953. He left high school at 17 to join the US Air 
Force, where he got his GED. He served overseas and stateside during the 
Korean War.

He was in electronics in the Air Force, got additional schooling for 
electronics and was in aerospace electronics after the Air Force; then he was 
industrial electrician until retiring 1/1/00 from Ford Motor Company, where 
he worked for 32.8 years.... taking his apprenticeship at the Rouge Plant, 
and then working thru to retirement at Michigan Truck in Wayne.

For your information, Ron also has 3 brothers who all graduated from MHS (in 
addition to his sister Barbe) ... Edward, who lives in Southgate; Lawrence, 
who lives in Knoxville TN (; and Richard, who lives in 
Allen Park.