Dear Fellow Classmates,

This is the very first "round robin" letter.
We began it in May of 1998.
Here is My Contribution:
Rick Moore

Hello. I think your MHS page is wonderful. I'd like to add my name to your list. My name is Rick Moore and I graduated in 1983. My E-mail address is Thank you in advance for including me in your listing and if there's anything I can do to help just let me know. Go Cards !

Rick Moore

---------------------- June 21st, 1998

Thanks for the reply. And thanks to your list I spoke to my old friend and classmate Jimm Panik for the first time in 15 years last night! It was great. We talked for over an hour and a half. I'm SO out of touch. He's literally the first classmate of mine that I've spoken to since 1986. But, I plan to remedy that.
Jimm gave me a bit of sad news that might be applicable to your memorial page. Apparently, a couple of years after graduation, Steve Raymond was killed after being hit by a truck on Hwy. 94. He was a really good bass player and could play any Geddy Lee/Rush song you could think of. Such a shame.
As for me, I live in Greensboro, N.Carolina,(a little over a year now), but I lived in Lakeland, Florida for 14 years. I moved there less than a month after grad. day. I didn't attend college. I spent most of that 14 years in and out of several moderately successful rock bands touring the Fla./Eastern seaboard club circuit. I married Tracy Matheny in late 1984 and we had a baby girl,(Alece Robyn Moore), in June 1985. Tracy and I divorced in Sept.1986. I was a "free spirit" until July of 1993 when I married Tracy Phelps, (yeah, another Tracy. But this time it's the right one !). We have two children: Dylan Michael, born in May, 1991, (hers from a previous, but I adopted him as my own in 1994), and Cheyenne Michelle, born in Oct. 1996.
Nowadays, I'm a tool repair tech. who plans to find a local "house gig" playing drums.....well.....eventually.
Thanks for your time and I will be checking your page often for updates. I bookmarked it before it was even finished loading the first time I accessed it. It's really great. You should be proud.

Thanks again,
Rick Moore

---------------------- June 25th, 1998


Thanks again for the reply ! I talked to Jimm Panik on the phone Saturday night. I sent E-mail to his address listed on your website not really expecting to get a response.....he called me within 30 minutes of my sending it! I owe you BIG for that.

Thanks again.

I found you through the message on the "World Alumni Net" Bulletin Board. I've been registered with them for almost a year now. It's very strange, though.....every time I try to access anything of theirs that requires my password it won't let always says "invalid password". I've even tried their password retrieval, refresher,"if you don't remember your password" thing, been re-E-mailed my same password and it still doesn't work. Sigh, whatever. Thank God I found you!

Cheryl is Jimm's younger sister. He never mentioned her in our conversation the other night, though. I'll definately ask him about her.......funny, I didn't even remember her until I saw your mention of her. Jimm was (is) a guitar player and I used to bring my drums over to his house and we would play in his basement for hours so she was pretty scarce when I was around, (we were AWFUL)!!

Anyway, thanks for the great website,(again), and, by the way, I'd give you my ICQ # but I don't even know it ! Maybe you already have it. Truth is, I don't even know how that works. A friend of my wife's sent us the rogram. She installed it into the computer and I've still never used it. I'm still new at this but I'm trying to learn........

Your friend,
Rick Moore