Many of you have requested photos be posted on the site.  We have managed to collect pictures of many of you and have put together a web site that was initially aimed at our class of 1971.  If others of you have web pages or pictures that you know others might enjoy, by all means - share them!  Those who have photos of your own reunions, use those pictures to begin a photo collection.  Build a site and let us know where it is so we can link to it!  

50's   Some boys from the 50's     Jan Class of 57 photo More from the 50's  
60's Class of 1965 photos      Class of 64-40 Yr Reunion  March 2005    
70's  Class of 71 Photos     Class of 71 Reunion pics Class of 72 Reunion pics  
  Class of 74 Reunion pics 1974 Yearbook photos 1976 Yearbook photos 1979 Reunion Pics
80's '83 20 yr reunion pics      
90's Class of 92 reunion pics      

Class of 71 has set the standard here folks!  Take a peek at our photo albums!

We'd love to see a link on this page for YOUR class!  Its simple.  Someone just has to do it.  We found that this site helped unite our class and cement those friendships.  It created excitement for our 30th reunion which was held on Oct 27, 2001.  Don't just sit there - do something! 

We would love to be able to have a link for as many of the classes as possible.  If they are pictures from a reunion that you've had, or just current family photos..............step up to the plate and put one together for us!  This webshots format is really great and we'd love to see more pictures up there!

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