Dear Fellow Classmates,

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Merrill Maynard

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Subject: Re: Melvindale
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Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 20:22:42 PDT


Thanks so much for the email and information. I am from the class of '75, and have sisters from the classes of 67 (Carol Maynard, a teacher Downriver),and 70( Nana Maynard in Phoenix AZ).

While I don't know you, I remember Mr Brant, the History teacher quite well. I always admired his authentic IndianFalse Faces that he wore instead of ties! He was quite an original! I've looked throughout the West, and I've never even seen any false faces.

As for me, I live in San Diego. I am closing out my career as a Navy Chief Petty Officer. I will retire in 1-2 years. I enjoyed the search of Yahoo, and follow the whereabouts of some of the Melvindale alumni. I only wish more people were on line. Please post me in your listing, and any other correspondence on the subj. Thanks again for the e-mail and your consideration!


Merrill Maynard