Welcome to the unofficial Melvindale High School Alumni home page!

We've created a place for you to relive some of those memories from the days of our innocence and youth. On these pages you'll find the names and email addresses of as many of your former classmates as we have been able to find. Kathy Limpede (Class of 71) and Roxanne Brant-Loehrig (Class of 71) have been working really hard at locating a lot of you. As the friendships have been renewed and new ones formed, I can personally say that the warmth I have felt in these past months is about as close to home as I've felt in many years. Cardinals are spread all across the nation, but there is still that common thread that always brings us back to the nest. If you know of any other former classmates that are also online, encourage them to visit our site and let us know who they are. If you see other classmates that don't have access to a computer, please share news of them with us. Please take a moment to sign our guest book as you travel down memory lane. Help us to build the memorial pages so we are kept current on our classmates. Occassionally, I'll ask you to share a memory, and we'll post it here to bring a smile or fond memory to the front. I'm counting on these renewed friendships to rekindle some of the joys of the good times at MHS and hope that you find the same happiness in your lives.

If you have a homepage of your own, please email us so that we can publish it. If any of you have an interest in creating or maintaining any of this information for the years you were at the high school, let us know that too. Thanks for stopping by!

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