Dear Fellow Classmates,

I left this in the Guest Book Registar.
Linda Zilioli-Vanderbeck

Subj: Re: Melvindale
Date: 98-06-22 23:13:22 EDT
From: (Vanderbeck, Linda Z(E00928))

Great website Roxanne !!!!! I tried to sigh your guest book but the server was not answering. I will try again later.

My name when I was going to MHS was Linda Zilioli, I graduated in 1970. My cousin Laura Fabbri was in your class. I have a sister, Gina, that graduated in '72 and a brother, Larry, that graduated in '76. I remember you and your sister Mary-Jo but I can't quite make out your faces. I will have to dig out my old year book and look you up.

Thanks for all the work you put into this to bring us together again