Dear Fellow Classmates,

This is the very first "round robin" letter.
We began it in May of 1998.
Here is My Contribution:
Ron Huggins

Hope I'm doing this right. I'm new to this computer stuff. If it wasn't for Roxanne, I'd still be trying to turn it on.

Anyway, as most of you may know I stayed in Melvindale in the years following graduation and became a Melvindale cop in 1975. I married Cheryl Kraft (73) in 1977 and moved to Phoenix in 1980.

Sure was hot there and we moved back later that year.

I got a job with the newly formed Romulus Police Dept. amd have been there ever since.

We got divorced in 1986 but not till we had a beautiful little girl, Meghan. She's the apple of my eye and the best thing in my life. She lives with her mother about six blocks from my house.

I got remarried to another cop (female, in case you were wondering) and we now live in Allen Park, right down the street from Fred Lapko. Me, my wife, our four boxers and two cats. The two horses we keep in Romulus.

I've led a pretty sheltered life compared to what I hear from others in our class. Nothing as exciting as traveling the world or working for a major corp.

But you guys don't get to drive fast and get shot at , now do you ? Well, those of you still in the Detroit area do.

I see Brad Kropik, Norm Wellman, Dave Manees and Guy Morabito pretty often. They all work on the Melvindale Police Dept., along with Dave Bowerman (imagine that)

Well, that's about all the news that's fit to print from here. I'll pass the letter along ( I HOPE ).