Dear Fellow Classmates,

This is the very first "round robin" letter.
We began it in May of 1998.
Here is My Contribution:
Gary Heitman

Hi Ron - Leave it to the girls to want to do recipes. The best thing I make is reservations. I see this pattern that I will continue of being married a few times. Married my secretary in 75. She was older, I was expecting more experienced - she was just older. I graduated from UofM and changed companies in 1977 leaving Uniroyal for Ford Motor. Marriage lasted until 1980 when I wanted kids - you know someone my own age to play with (haha). I stayed single until 1988 when I married Krystal. She too worked at Ford. We partied and traveled until 1991 when Ashley was born. Then this daddy thing hit and we haven't been alone since. Derek was born in 1994. I am teaching him all I know so the rest of the class' grandkids had better watch out.

Classmates I see include Fred Lapko (bald as a billiard ball). Fred is a Systems Analyst working for a contracting firm in my old department at Ford. Ran into Tom Grabowski at the race track last week. He's been living with the same girl (out of wedlock) for 12 years. She's a great girl. Talk to John Nychypor occasionally - his "Little Johnny" is bigger than all of us. Mom and dad still live in Melvindale as does brother Keith (class of '70). Sister Cheryl (class of 77?) lives in Princeton Estates.

Packing today to go to U.K. I am managing a project and all the people are over there. Great job eh? IBM will be doing most of it but I suspect I'll be there every six weeks up until Christmas. I'll have to coordinate with Michigans football schedule. I attended every game but one last year (home and away) including a great trip to the Rose Bowl (This was my 10th Rose bowl, I'm 3-7). Unlike Glenn and Ralph, I'd write all day given the chance. Hope everyone is well and look forward to the next go-around.

You're up Ron.