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From: Thom Christnagel ( )
Date: Tue Sep 28 12:18:53 1999
Class of 1974
Hello Roxanne and Alumni! I want to thank my niece, Jill for introducing me to this site. A lot has happened since June of 74, some good and some not, but its all under the belt now..Im married, have 2 daughters 16 and 18,and living just outside the town of Ida..thats about 10 miles west of Monroe. Ive been working for Detroit Edison for almost 22 years, and picked up my older brothers love of Harleys a long time ago. Went down HARD last Labor Day weekend, but never had the brains to know when to quit. My wife and I go to Bike Week in Daytona every year and this year we side tripped to Key West... Well enough of the bio stuff..Hope to hear from any old aquaintances!!
From: Kristen Marie Jones ( )
Date: Tue Sep 28 09:23:10 1999
Class of '99
I am truely impressed with this site! I have always know Melvindale to be this small little town and here it has this sweet website for the past students of MHS. THis is soooo pimp.In case anyone is wondering I am going to Eastern Michigan University and loving it. I am studying Psychology and Theatre. I think I want to minor in voice though. Still undecided. :) GOD is LIFE!!! See everyone on the flip side, or homecoming, reunions, whatever comes first! Class of '99 rules
From: Gary Sherman ( )
Date: Sun Sep 26 21:40:24 1999
Class of 80
I'm so glad to find ya'll, i've been living in Texas for all these years. I've had a great life and would love to hear from my fellow classmates.I have kept in touch with a few of us. I'll be there for the 20 yr reunion, tell me when!
From: josh finley (jfinley@emu )
Date: Mon Sep 20 16:13:07 1999
hello Hello, fellow alumni! this is josh from eastern michigan university. just thought I'd drop everyone a line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Evelyn (Wyne) Farkas ( )
Date: Sun Sep 19 01:19:48 1999
Class of June 1956
Super job Roxanne! Is everyone still out there from the June '56 class? Would love to hear from anyone. I'm married with three children and each of them have a boy and a girl. We're all living up in Imlay City, Michigan. We're self employed with a few businesses....A Christian Book and Gift Store, A Temporary Service Agency, An Aquarium Manufacturing Company and An Ameritech Cellular & Paging Service. We've kept pretty busy since 1956. When is this 50's reunion or has it passed? Would appreciate it if someone would let me know. Keep up the good work Roxanne!
From: Renee Warner ( )
Date: Fri Sep 17 23:36:11 1999
Class of 1994
Great site! Just wanted to say hello to the Class of 94! I can't believe it has already been over five years since we've graduated ~ YIKES!!! I would like to hear from those I went to school with and see what's been going on over the years. Feel free to e-mail me...
From: Nicole Zielinski ( )
Date: Sun Sep 12 15:25:02 1999
What's Up!! Hey 98' how's college? Hope your all doing well in whatever your doing!! :)
From:Cindy Abraham/Boissonnault ( )
Date: Sat Sep 11 23:08:43 1999
Fantastic Web Site Married my high school sweetheart Chuck. Been married now for 19 years. We have 2 boys, Shaun, 17 and Chuck Jr. 14. Still living in Allen Park. Great job Roxanne
From:Christina(Dancey)O'Brien ( )
Date: Tue Sep 7 19:48:46 1999
HI!!!! ALL MHS ALUMNI!!!! HI all my name is Christina O'Brien it use to be Dancey. I graduated from MHS in 1994. As sad as this sounds I talk to none from my class. I don't know why it happened that way it just did. I would really like to hear from anyone that graduated in 1994. I am looking for two people Diana Perna and Trisha Monk. If anyone has heard from them or knows where there are at email its Also are we ever going to have a reunion????? Well HI to all and to Roxanne this is a great site. Hopefully someone sees this and can tell me where those two are. If you knew me feel free to email me. Thanks, CHRIS
From: Donna Kallio ( )
Date: Tue Sep 7 14:30:29 1999
!! Fantastic site...Just wanted to say hello to all. I am currently living in Tarpon Springs FL and love it!! No more snow for me!!! I moved here in 1994 and believe it or not back in school. I am at the University of South Florida pursuing a double major in accounting and computer science. I work for a commercial lending company in downtown Clearwater programming databases. It's a rough office looks at the intercoastal (ha ha). Does anyone know about our 20th reunion? My how time flies. I hope to hear from my class SOON!! Take care Donna
From: Tricia ( )
Date: Sun Sep 5 19:24:02 1999
Just a note to say hello to everyone from Melvindale High School.
From:Dave Strohman ( )
Date: Fri Sep 3 10:29:20 1999
Class of 51
Thanks for contacting me and inviting me to your site. After years of bouncing all over the world, I live in Evans, GA (a suburb of Augusta, GA). I retired from Bechtel Power Corp(well, mostly retired) last year. I enjoyed our 40th year class reunion and am looking forward to the 50th.
From: Debbie (Lee) O'Connor ( )
Date: Thu Sep 2 23:10:22 1999
Class of 1969!
I love how the Internet can help us all to connect. My kids were recently looking through my 1967, 1968 and 1969 yearbooks (and after laughing at how we all looked) couldn't begin to understand what high school was all about in the 60's. It will be fun to use this great site to reminisce with old friends and share what has been going on in our lives. Many thanks for providing this site - especially useful to those of us who have left Michigan. Love to hear from old classmates and maybe even from those who remember St. Mary Magdalen school in the early 60's!
From: Catherine (Smith) Weichman ( )
Date: Thu Sep 2 12:53:07 1999
Class of '80!
What a great site! Thanks for contacting me. If there are any plans for an upcoming 20 year reunion, please let me know. Would love to hear from anyone I went to school with. Thanks again!
From: Frank (Eugene) Gallina ( )
Date: Thu Sep 2 12:23:41 1999
Class of January 61
Am now living in Seminole,Florida. Seminole is in the Tampa Bay area. Have lived here since 1967. My wife Betty and I work for the school system. I retired but will still work until Betty retires in two years. No children. Our favorite things to do are travel, kayaking, running into other Melvindale and Allen Park graduates who live here or visit. Thanks to the talanted Roxanne for this wonderful webpage. Go Cardinals!
From: Nick Minton ( )
Date: Sun Aug 29 09:38:53 1999
Class of '75
Hi everybody. Still living locally, only in enemy territory (allen Park, The snobby part). Would be nice to hear from some former classmates from 75, the Year Of The Cardinal. I enjoy hearing from people and seeing what is happening in their lives.
From: Kathy Kanary Krajewski ( )
Date: Wed Aug 25 03:42:11 1999
Class of 73
Just a note Hi all MHS Grads. I found this sight by accident. Having one of those "can't sleep" nights and playing on the web. What a great web sight to keep in touch. Just think if we would of had the web during "our" high school years!! Take Care and send me an email "Kanary"
From: Leigh Costello-Clark ( )
Date: Tue Aug 24 16:04:13 1999
Class of '77'
Thanks for this site. Hi to everyone at MHS! Our 20 year reunion was great-thanks to Lynn, Lorraine, Nancy, Duanne and everyone. Can't wait for the next one. All year reunion Sept. 18, 1999 at Boomers in Allen Park. Hope to see you there!
From: Judy Ritter ( )
Date: Fri Aug 20 21:58:32 1999
class of 1968
Would love to hear from anyone from MHS class of 1968. Just found this web site and really enjoyed it. I am living in missouri now and haven't heard from anyone in years.
Date: Fri Aug 20 13:19:24 1999
From: Sharon Shelton-Stillson ( )
Date: Thu Aug 19 16:50:25 1999
Class of 68
What a great site! I've been able to reconnect with several old friends. I'm actually a little surprised that so many of us are alive and kicking. Thanks to the people who put this together, you did a terrific job! I moved to Lake Tahoe, CA with my husband in 1978. We divorced shortly after that and I stayed in Tahoe. It was a beautiful place to raise kids. I have two, Matt 22 and Lizzie 24. I moved to Seattle a few years ago and I'm really enjoying city life. If anyone hears from Paul Happ, tell him to read his email. Or contact me if you know where I can reach him. Sheri Shelton Class of 68
From: George Shay ( )
Date: Mon Aug 16 21:50:45 1999
Class of 69 and 71
What a blast from the past, thanks. Still happily married to Mary Karen Streno (class of 71). We live and Troy, MI. and have two children, Mark (18) and Kristy (21). I work for Daimler Chrysler and am in pursuit of a Ph.D. while Karen does consulting work at Peppina's on Dix in Lincoln Park. Stop there in the evenings and say hi. Send a message, we would be happy to hear from old friends.
From:Karen Shay ( )
Date: Fri Aug 13 01:42:19 1999
This is a great site - thank you Roxanne for the e-mail. Just checked out some of the messages and am happy to see there are quite a few '72 grads listed. Would love to hear from some of you. I am currently living in Southgate and working as the Administrative Secretary for the Mayor and City Manager of Riverview. Happily single with three children - Keven, 23 and a Railroad Engineer and the twins - Kara and Kelly almost 21, both still in college. If anyone is interested in contacting one of my siblings, there were 10 of us who graduated from Melvindale from 1960 to 1980, drop me an e-mail and I'll forward your message. (Marie, Kathy, Janet, George, Jim, Mike, Ken, Tom and Mark) This is one site I plan to revisit -often!
From: Julie (Robotka) Trout( )
Date: Mon Aug 9 21:00:46 1999
1982 graduate
Great page! It's been fun reading all the notes. I married Brooke Trout and we have a daughter who is 9 and a son who is 7. Sorry we missed the 20 year reunion. Brooke graduated in 1979.
From:Buffy (Lindsey) Monahan (BMON341827@CS.COM
Date: Mon Aug 9 16:59:25 1999
From: Bob Lozen ( )
Date: Mon Aug 9 14:26:40 1999
Class of Januray, 1957
Howdy from Texas! Left Michigan to go to work for Xerox in NY. Moved to Texas in 1974; retired from Xerox in 1993 after 34 years. I would like to hear from any of my classmates! Thanks for making this site available!!
From: Alan D. Farkas ( )
Date: Mon Aug 9 13:43:01 1999
22 years and seems like yesterday. Greetings from Virginia Beach. Any 77 grads reading this e-mail me. Would like info on a 25 year reunion.
From: John (Jack) M. Sovitch ( )
Date: Mon Aug 9 10:21:47 1999
Class of 1968
Thanks for finding me!! Have lived away from Allen Park since 1969;10 years in the Air Force, and 20 years with AT&T. Now living in Marietta, GA with wife of 13 years, Jane, and Dad of two...Alex 6, and Paige 3. OK, so I waited late in life to get started!! Please let me know of any reunions for class of '68 which will come up in the future; I'll also keep checking the site. Great job, guys!!
From: William (Bill) Toth ( )
Date: Sun Aug 8 19:13:50 1999
Nice job Hay its about time the class of 60 has a party. once again keep up the good work.Hi Al T. John A.
From: Ed Meggison ( )
Date: Sun Aug 8 17:50:12 1999
Class of 61
1961 only one u can read either way This is the greatest, had a great time talking to u roxanne and finding all those people just wish there were a few more of the 61 class but they will show u sooner or later like always probley later LOL but i do get to see quite a few when we have a reunion in Fl every year only most are older ones but i still have a great time i will get wife to sign book also as she is a class or 53 her name then was Barb Barkholz
From: Lisa(McDonald)Gonzalez ( )
Date: Sun Aug 8 15:42:13 1999
Class of 1987
I just wanted to let you know that this is an awesome idea. The web page is great. It has really brought back alot of memories.
From: Robin (Meggison) Fairfield ( )
Date: Sun Aug 8 15:27:20 1999
Class of '75
Hello from California! Been out here since graduation in'75. Think of Melvindale often, this is great! I've been married for 23 yrs with two kids. A 13 year old daughter and a 10 year old son. Love to hear from friends. Visited Melvindale once a couple of yrs. ago. Many memories.
From: Janet Kiss-McDonnell (TIBORJKISS@AOL.COM )
Date: Sun Aug 8 14:07:56 1999
Thanks Rox, it's great to be able to contact old classmates. Recently married to Mike, we just bought a house in Lincoln Park. We work hard and play hard too! We love the outdoors and go on weekend getaways as much as we can. Anyone interested in chatting look me up! Thanks again, great job.
From: Barbara (Bruff) Hawkins ( )
Date: Sat Aug 7 23:24:37 1999
e:mail address change I just wanted to notify you that I have a new address. It is nice to hear from old friends, especially from the Class of '51. By the way, Roxanne, how did the Saturn B'day party go? Barbara
From: Bob Ross ( )
Date: Sat Aug 7 21:55:16 1999
Hello to all from Altanta! I am really glad to hear about this site. Left Melvindale shortly after graduation and have move around the country. I do think of those days at MHS. GREAT SITE ! Bob Ross
From: Lynn Sturwold-Herrick ( )
Date: Sat Aug 7 02:01:27 1999
Class of '70
Roxanne, it was good talking to you online. Will let you know when the class of '70 is having our 30 yr reunion. Hello to all! Your site is great!
From: Pam (Lozano)McElreath ( )
Date: Fri Aug 6 21:44:50 1999
Class of 72
Great to see a MHS alumni page. I would love to hear from some old friends.
From: Kathy (Cochran) Ambrosi ( )
Date: Thu Aug 5 12:36:07 1999
wrong e mail sorry forgot that 79 on the e mail address. How could I forget the 79 since thats when I graduated from Melvindale
From: Kathy (Cochran) Ambrosi ( )
Date: Thu Aug 5 12:34:06 1999
Class of 79
Wow it was great. I just spent the weekend at our 20 year HS reunion. Friday at Boomers, saturday and the reunion, Sunday at the family picnic. It was great to see everyone. Looking forward to hearing from all of you who remember me. Kathy
From: Sandy (Artress) Watson ( )
Date: Tue Aug 3 13:03:08 1999
Class of 1979's 20 Year Reunion - A "Big" Success The Class of 1979 20 year reunion was held this past weekend and was a huge success. From meeting at Boomers on Friday to a dinner/dance on Saturday to meeting all the families on Sunday. What a great weekend! Thanks for all who attended and made the night a huge success. Please don't miss your reunions if you have a chance to go......
From:Elizabeth Doss Baker ( )
Date: Mon Aug 2 13:25:05 1999
Hello class of "80"............................
What a wonderful place. It's really great to see all the past graduates from MHS! Wondering what happened to class of "80" not to many of us on this site. Hopefully, when word of this gets out more will show up. Living in Jackson, MI with 2 kids Justin 13 and Ashley 15....married to Brian for 16 years.....time flies!! Really miss all those great times at school. Looking forward to our 20 yr reunion! Hope we have a great turn-out. Take care all..........
From: Chuck Kero ( )
Date: Sat Jul 31 21:59:56 1999
Class Of '75'
Got back from Woodstock last week. I took my daughter and niece with me and did we have a great time.Nothing better than a good party to get get your head together. Still living in Melvindale. Just might die here. You never know. It's not all that bad of place to live.
From: Denise K Mason ( )
Date: Fri Jul 23 16:36:55 1999
Melvindale HS 1971
I spent all but the last 3 months of my HS years in Melvindale, it was strange seeing some of the names. Does anyone remember Kathy Johnson or Charla Hoffert? I saw Michael Waddles name on the alumni page - I used to live next door to him in the 60's - a long time ago.
From: Lauren Gannon ( )
Date: Wed Jul 21 15:32:56 1999
Class of '93
This is a pretty cool thing you have started Roxanne. I only saw one person from our class on the list though. Life is good, I am still in school and working in the Vitamins Engineering department at BASF in Wyandotte, living nearby. If you are interested in catching up or are looking for anyone I might know, e-mail me!
From: Sandy(Higgins) & Mike O'Neill ( )
Date: Mon Jul 19 21:38:33 1999
New e-mail address Just wanted to correct our e-mail address, hope to hear from classmates of 72.
From: Greg Caroots ( )
Date: Sat Jul 17 22:33:43 1999
Now I'm home sick! Hi to Stacy Hall, and Phil Snell Hello to everyone
From: Garrett Roop ( )
Date: Thu Jul 15 18:22:31 1999
Class of 74'
Hay, 1974' Class hay finally found nice class site. Anyone who knows me please E-Mail me at
From: Kathy (Johnston)Baiocco (
Date: Thu Jul 15 12:24:39 1999
It/s so great to hear from so many and such a good job Roxanne MHS '65 I love looking on here and seeing what so many are doing. I am one of the persons involved in my class reunion. The next one is October 21, Saturday,2000. We hope to be on the homecoming weekend. We are opening up to other classes and we usually have a blast. Just e-mail me, if interested. We have a ten piece band hired. Take care everyone - Kathy
From: matt previch ( )
Date: Tue Jul 13 23:40:37 1999
Hey this is a great site, good job. Anyone from the class of "94" or there about write to say what's up. later matt
From: Kathleen McFadden ( )
Date: Sat Jul 10 13:51:19 1999
just discovered this thanks to Ray Trenz hi class of 1962 i just learned of this site from Ray Trenz (class of January 62) anyone out there wishing to contact me can do so at we are retired now and living in Caseville Michigan. we have two children, Curtis and Kelly. Both single. Husband is Norman Olmstead (Monroe High School class of 61.)
From: Sheli Sensabaugh ( )
Date: Thu Jul 1 23:10:51 1999
Class Of 1982
Wow What a great site!! Hello to everyone and its great to see a web site for Lil old MHS!!! I am now living in Taylor with my 16 year old son. I will be back visiting this page often and hope to get in touch with some of my class mates. Take care everyone!!
From: Cindy Shumaker (Brewer) ( )
Date: Thu Jul 1 22:56:30 1999
Hello to the class of 76!!! Still living in Melvindale, married for 18 years to a 1970 graduate.
From: Jill Christnagel ( )
Date: Thu Jul 1 07:49:23 1999
Class of 1992
Hello to all! Hello to the class of '92. Hope all is well and hope to here from ya'll soon.
From: Robin (Turgeon) Moore ( )
Date: Fri Jun 25 21:34:25 1999
Class of 88'
I was wondering if anyone can e-mail me if they know how I can get hold of a 1987 & 1988 yearbook. I live in AZ and If someone in Melvindale could check with the high school It would mean alot to me. Thanks.
From: Bob Foreman ( )
Date: Wed Jun 23 00:00:24 1999
Greetings/New email address Hi Again Roxanne, Just a note to say I have a new email address. Have received several messages from former classmates -'70! at the old address, thanks to you. Please update me.
From: Sandee (Ivy) White ( )
Date: Tue Jun 22 17:24:21 1999
This is a great idea! Unfortunately, for me, I am only on-line at work. I don't have a computer at home. I have really enjoyed reading about my other classmates. I live in Taylor, and I have 2 daughters, aged 28 and 24. I also have a son who will be 21 in a few months. I worked for McLouth Steel for 10 years until it went out of business. I now work for a title insurance company.
From: earl larche ( )
Date: Mon Jun 21 19:33:56 1999
june class of "63"
thank you roxanne! alumni, feel free to email me (this is my daughter's email address).
From: Heather M. Rhodes ( )
Date: Mon Jun 21 18:40:07 1999
Class of 1997 and Class of 1969
This is my first time to this site, I think it is terrific. It's an excellent way to keep in touch with fellow classmates. I am a graduate of 1997 and am now living in Southgate in my own apartment. I am also a college student seeking a degree in accounting. My mother was a graduate of Melvindale in 1969 and has now passed away. (Diane Buza-Rhodes).
From: Anna Hamilton ( BOBCAT) ( )
Date: Sun Jun 20 11:53:20 1999
HEY MELVINDALE !!! 1982 or was in 81 ?? LOL Hey this is so kewl. I am now living in Central California. Have 3 kids almost all grown up the youngest is 14 the next is 15 and my oldest is 19. Would love to hear from some of my class mates from the class room where it was at the poolhouse building. The ones who were there remembers .. Me I was the one you guys had a baby shower for in class.. smiles .. HEY how are ya
From:Don Mason (Fla )
Date: Sat Jun 19 20:50:53 1999
Fantastic site! found it on a hunch! June '63 graduate. been living down here in st. petersburg since about 1977. doing photography for the city ,and other photog work, but gotta keep a real job also, for a while! i am about a godzillion years from retirement! had interesting life since 1st divorce, and quitting the calif. highway patrol! not proffitable, but interesting! I'll send more after i figure out what server to stay with, and get my web page done, whatever a web page is! new to computer stuff! see u all soon, on the screen. got no reason to ever get to cold weather ever! . cant sail my boat on ice, keel too heavy!
From: Dustin Burns( )
Date: Thu Jun 17 00:41:38 1999
I'm the first of the class to be here! It's amazing what you've done here, and I hope you keep it going so I can see all my friends on this page in the years to come!
From: Andre (Pilaske)DeLara ( )
Date: Wed Jun 16 18:10:20 1999
I am very glad to have found this site! It definitely brings back a lot of memories. Hopefully some of my classmates will see this and send me a message. Yes, I changed my last name from Pilaske to DeLara. Long story, but if you e-mail me I'll fill you in. Also, those of you who went to school with my sister Renee Pilaske, I'm sure she would be to happy to hear from you.
From: Melissa Kero ( )
Date: Sun Jun 13 21:34:56 1999
Great Idea!! =) Hey everyone! This was a great idea. I'm having a lot of fun looking for people that I went to school with. Keep it up everybody =)
From: nancy commire (wollschlager) ( )
Date: Sat Jun 12 21:48:54 1999
Great job. Looking for former classmates from 59 Sandra Bard (Williamson) Rochelle Blake (Robinson) Carol Des Noyer
From: Bob Mazmanian ( )
Date: Thu Jun 10 22:30:25 1999
Great site! Checking in to say hello to the class of 76! My wife (Trenton Grad, oh well!) myself and our 4 boys are Eastsiders (Macomb County) now. Keep up the great site.
From: Harold Smith (
Date: Wed Jun 9 18:35:57 1999
Alumni Webpage While I've only had time for a cursory glance, it appears that you have put a lot of work into this project. Goodjob.
From: Wally Bruff ( )
Date: Mon Jun 7 12:02:51 1999
What Happened to '54 Don't see much of the class of 54! Anybody out there??? Doing fine in Fla right now.
From: Gene B. Louzon ( )
Date: Mon May 31 16:26:53 1999
Class of 92
It is I, you may have seen me over the years, but did you know it was me? I have looked like a criminal on the run, changing his looks once every couple of months, always looking different. I still see a lot of people from school Because I work in Melvindale. Don't be shy, I never have been. Later on.
From: Marshall Bish ( )
Date: Fri May 28 12:06:43 1999
Alive and kicking Can anyone tell if they know where Robert Howell class of 68 is lost touch. Hi to all the class of 69 is there a reunion for 30 years.
From: Pam Biondi-Van Hollebeke ( )
Date: Tue May 25 12:14:06 1999
Hi everyone I was talking to a neighbor the other day and she told me about www.classmates. So, needless, to say I got on and found this great website. It has been fun seeing who is on and where they are. Hi to Denise Apkarian my dear neighbor and old friend. I am living in Carlsbad, CA I have 3 children. 17, 14, and 13. I have not live in Michigan for 16 years. I get back occasionally to see family. Keep in touch.
From: Roy Haney ( )
Date: Sat May 22 21:29:12 1999
1971 Graduate
Well the wonders never cease. I have enjoyed walking down memory lane of people from long ago. I now live in Tenn.(Anyone that knew me probably would not be surprised. I would love to hear from everyone.
From: Jo McConkie ( )
Date: Sat May 22 12:47:34 1999
Mom of Three Melvindale Graduates The site is fantastic. I have submitted the e mail addresses of my three graduates and hope they are interested. What a marvelous idea. Keep up the good work.
Date: Sat May 22 10:47:05 1999
Date: Fri May 21 11:06:04 1999
From: Sandra ( )
Date: Fri May 21 09:34:31 1999
Melvindale High School Alumni site What a wonderful thing you have done by having this site. I could not believe it when I came to this site by accident. It brought tears to my eyes. My high school days were very enjoyable years and now to be able to bring back those memories thru this site, is a truly wonderful experience for me. Thank you
From:Shermans ( )
Date: Thu May 20 23:08:44 1999
INFO What happened to the area where you could see upcoming reunions??
From: Linda Tarolli (Sekedat) ( )
Date: Tue May 18 13:43:07 1999
MHS Class of 1979
Wow - this is so great. I just found out about the sight recently from Sandy Watson (Thanks, Sandy). Roxanne, Great Job. I don't know about the rest of you, but in 1999 so far has been a monumental year -- my oldest daugher turned 13, my youngest turned 10, our 20 year reunion is this year and - ugh - next year is the big 4 0. But seriously, I've never been better. I still live in Allen Park, right across from the High School and as I said have two wonderful daughters. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. Till then - take care.
From: C. Sue (Ferrari) Herman ( )
Date: Mon May 17 23:51:44 1999
Class of 1962
Moved back into Melvindale about 25 years ago, I was SO comforted to be back home!! Not for me the trendy suburbs with the big houses - I love this town. I am pleased that: We still have AND USE front porches and sidewalks We stroll over and chat with the neighbors We know the mayor and council, and have access to them We know all the people running for office The police know who lives in the city, and where they belong. I am currently president of the Melvindale Kiwanis because I want to make a difference in our town's future - ask me about the Melvindale Christmas ornaments we designed last year - perfect for class re-unions. Am thinking of retiring soon - after all, my classmates and I will be 55 this year (sorry folks, but it has been 37 years, and on this particular web-site, everyone knows how old you are). But even if I do retire, I expect to stay put in my little town. I can't imagine being bored. Nice Job, Roxanne! The music is classy
From: Kurt Haworth ( )
Date: Sat May 15 13:36:16 1999
Class of 1973
Thanks to Roxanne and her staff for for setting up this site so that we can all keep in touch. Your website is Alphanumeric!!!!! Greetings from California. I am fortunate to be married to a soft and charming exotic woman. The boating, scubadiving and outdoors are fantastic. I have always wondered what heppened to some of my classmates and fellow Melvindalians such as: Richard Allen, John Brenneman, Bill Bermudez, Rich Habeb, Charla Dasher, George Charney, Jimmy Angel, George Dupuie, Roger Edmonds, Bill Eisner, Rich Wheeler, Brad Robinson, Linda Ferraiuolo, Tony, Fred and Arlene Galang, Marcia Gomez, Simone Himbeault, Jeff Knutson, Mick and Chris Devins, Bill Malkiewicz, Tracy Milewski, Mark Morris, Linda Moses, Sue Poppy, Greg Wright, Tom Seguin, Greg Waselewski, Barb McDonald and Patricia Barrett. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Wish I had time and space for more names.
From: Ken Filippine ( )
Date: Thu May 13 16:06:59 1999
Hello Class of 76
Wow! I can't believe Melvindale has a web page!!! Well, I'm now living in Omaha, Nebraska with my wife, Cindy, and our two children-- Kate and Andrew. We've lived in Denver and Las Vegas. I hope I don't get transfered again. Omaha seems to be good for the kids and this city is the best place to live (believe it or not!!!!). Say hello to everyone. /kf
From: Leigh Chalton-Jones ( )
Date: Wed May 12 22:48:23 1999
Class of 1989!!!!
Hey everyone! When is the 10 year class reunion? I'd love to hear from everyone!!!!!
From: Russ Banush ( )
Date: Mon May 10 06:56:00 1999
History Roxanne: Here is the history which I previously submiited. Memories of Attending Melvindale-Northern Allen Park Schools (1947-1957) Russ Banush- MHS Class of January 1957 There were two elementary schools in the system when I started third grade (3A, as it was known in the days) at Kaier Elementary in the fall of 1947. Kaier was located between Dora/Flora Streets (as I recall) just east of the Oakwood-Dix intersection (noted for its White Castle establishment which was there in 1947 and subsequently moved to the location on Fort Street in Lincoln Park to make room for the construction of the existing building). Kaier served the students K-6 living in that geographic area and south to the Outer Drive section. Dasher (K-6) was located on Oakwood and students from that area and northern Allen Park went to Dasher. Both schools had functional gymnasiums and shower facilities for physical education (we just called it gym in those times). At that time there was practical
From: Pete Stacho ( )
Date: Fri May 7 10:50:35 1999
What a cool way to renew friendships. I am still living in Melvindale. Married to Pat (Voss) for well over 30 years!! We have 2 grown sons, & 8--count 'em-8 grandkids. I just retired from Great Lakes Steel, so I'm learning a whole new lifestyle/ Anyone out there? I'd love to hear from you
From: Sheila Phipps ( )
Date: Thu May 6 23:08:42 1999
1974 alumni
Great web page. I really enjoyed finding this and reading about all the melvindale alumni. Thanks for making this available. Hope to hear from other classmates. Add me to your list of alumni.
From: Martha Brewer Schwanke ( )
Date: Thu May 6 22:37:42 1999
Great Web Site!! Great Site Roxanne!! Sure is nice to see some familiar names when you live so far away from the nest!! But Texas is where it is at!! haha No Snow Just sunshine, sunshine, sunshine...Married with two grown daughters (well almost) youngest is graduating in two weeks!! and two stepsons. Hope to hear from some of you from the class of '77..Hard to believe that lil ol Melvindale is on the net!! You Go!!! :)
From: Becky Danaj ( )
Date: Thu May 6 20:50:24 1999
Melvindale "Class of 79"
What a great web site!!! I was just sent the information today. Hope to see everyone at the re-union in July!!!
From: Harvey DeWitt ( )
Date: Wed May 5 14:51:30 1999
Class of '65
I've been sitting here scanning all the names of fellow alumni, I am impressed that so many have responded. I'll pass on the site to my sister Karen Brandner (DeWitt)('64). Please fell free to drop me a line.
From: Lois (Voss) McLeod ( )
Date: Wed May 5 12:00:26 1999
Reunion I'm still not online, but my sister is... I still keep in touch with Jackie Jolly, Betty Saunders & Marlene Patchett.. Looking forward to the 50's reunion..Thanks Elsie & Bob for all your hard work...and OF COURSE Roxanne. Great website get in touch!!
From: Janet (Taylor) Bianchi ( )
Date: Tue May 4 20:48:33 1999
Class of 78
Hello to all my fellow graduates. Great web site. Hope to hear from some of you guys. Janet
From: Russ Banush ( )
Date: Tue May 4 07:01:33 1999
Class of 1957- January
It's a nice venue for renewing old acquaintences!! Imagine...the little hamlet of Melvindale with universal ties to the whole world!!! I'd like to be contacted by some folks who were in the classes rom the fifties (oldies, but goodie, alike). Thanks to Roxanne and others dedicated to making this a nice place to visit.
From: Laura Jo (Harabedian) Farries ( )
Date: Sun May 2 01:42:54 1999
1977 Graduate
My cousin, Billy Miller, class of 76, told me about this site. (Hi, Billy!) I think it's great that we now have a place to meet and trade news! I'm looking forward to hearing from some of my old classmates, and from people who were in Mrs.Rogers choir class! I graduated in 1977, but haven't been able to attend any reunions. Maybe I'll be able to make it for 25! I'll be sure to check back soon. Oh, and Roxanne? You did a terrific job with this!
From: Marcia McGuire Crawford ( )
Date: Sat May 1 16:01:10 1999
Melvindale High School This site is wonderful. Hope to hear from some old frinds.
From: Michelle (Markley) Bragg ( )
Date: Thu Apr 29 21:47:10 1999
I can't believe Melvindale has a web site Would like to say hi to everyone. It is nice to see old friends again....Thanks Roxanne
From: Glenn Dewey (
Date: Wed Apr 28 16:57:01 1999
old melvindale friends was just surfin the web when i came across this cool site !!!!! im liven in northern mich. 2 kids boy 15 girl 9 and still married same women 15 yrs now phew !!!!!!!!!! so any one reading this give me a e mail
From: Dewayne Smith ( )
Date: Tue Apr 27 20:41:28 1999
Class of 85
Ive seen a few names I recognize...I left Melvindale in November of 85 for the Air Force, Stationed in Florida now. Its nice to see something from back home on the net. Lets see, how long has it been since I joined the service..hmm. too long. anyone else out there from 85, id like to here from them. I think my e-mail is in this post.. Later. D.
From: Sharon McGuire McConnell ( )
Date: Mon Apr 26 22:28:33 1999
Class of '70
Charlie and I live in North Carolina with our three kids - Steve,20, Jason,18, and Katie 15. Have taught 8th grade for 23 years and hope to make it for 7 more. Thanks for the page!
From: Mike Mayville ( )
Date: Mon Apr 26 17:20:57 1999
Just thought I would drop in and say......The new pages look great, Keep up the great work Roxanne and Jim. Looking good there. Thanks for signing my guest book Roxanne. :0)
From: Beth Devers-Lewinski( )
Date: Mon Apr 26 15:47:15 1999
Class of 1977
I'm so glad I found this sight. I am definitely going to pass it on to my sister Gale from the class of '70' It's nice to see familiar names and find out what everyone has been up to these 22 years. I think the new look is great, but the old one wasn't so bad. I live in Lincoln Park, as you can see I didn't stray far from Downriver. I have been married to my husband Tom for 19 years. We have one daughter, Kim (6 yrs). I have been a residential engineer(fancy word for stay at home mom)for 4 years. Before that I worked for K-mart Corp for 10 years and them BASF for 10 years. Tom works for Ameritech and has 20 years. I will be peeking at this sight often and would love to hear from fellow classmates. Typing to you soon!
From: Marcia McGuire Crawford( )
Date: Mon Apr 26 09:08:48 1999
Class of 1972
I left Melvindale two days after graduation in '72. Moved to North Carolina and have been here since. Mark and I have been married 23 years next weekend. We have 2 kids, Scott is 20 and Lindsay is 17. I have worked for the same law firm for the past 25 years. Found out about this page from Robin and Rhonda Blankenship this weekend in Arkansas, couldn't wait to get home to find it!!! Would love to hear from some of my old friends. Keep up the good work.
From: Rita Woody - Fulton ( )
Date: Sun Apr 25 18:15:03 1999
Class of '74
Thanks Roxanne for all of your hard work. My brother (Ron '82) just found this website and let me know about. It's great. I currently live in Chelsea, Michigan with my husband, Ron, and two daughters, Deanna (17) and Bethany (15). I work for the City of Ann Arbor as a Housing Inspector which means I get to inspect all of those student rentals and tell the landlords what they have to bring them up to code and also threaten the students that I'm going to call their moms if they don't clean their apartments and houses up!!! I've been doing that for 10 years and love my job. Enough of me. I'd love to hear from fellow classmates. Thanks again for this opportunity to connect with fellow MHS grads!!
From: Sandy (Artress) Watson ( )
Date: Fri Apr 23 07:57:55 1999
Class of 79
I really enjoy visiting this site again and again. The new look is great! I married Ed Watson, Class of 72, in 1985. We have two daughters; Rachel 3 and Leah 2. I'm on the committee planning the 20 year reunion and can't wait to see everyone there!
From: Ron Woody ( )
Date: Wed Apr 21 21:37:38 1999
Class of 1982
Great to see an MHS alumni page. My wife Laura and I with our 4 kids (Brandon 9, Sarah 7, Noah 6, and Rachel 5) live in Ypsilanti Twp. I work for M-CARE (Univ of Mich) as a Computer Help Desk and Training Coordinator. Laura is a stay at home mom and runs a Pampered Chef business. I'm also an Associate Pastor at Oakwood Baptist Church in Saline, MI ( for the scarry picture). I look forward to visiting back often to check for folks I remember. Thanks for the great site.
From: Ron Hautekeete ( )
Date: Mon Apr 19 10:37:47 1999
class of 85
just wanted to say hi again told few more fellow classmates about site. just litle about me. ive been married now for 8yrs, have wonderful wife and daugther (megan) 3yrs old. glad to read about more fellow classmates went to last reunion, but lot of no shows there can't wait til next one. work at michcon gas company , service tech. hope we have more people from class of 85 found and maybe we all can keep in touch thru e-mails or something well bye for now . and keep up good work on site. p.s. i know of 2 classmates that have die'd since grad. but need to get more info on them first (1) was car wreck new years eve few years ago.(2) WAS ED CAZABON
From: Larry Bumstead ( )
Date: Sat Apr 17 19:03:52 1999
Class of 64
Greetings from the Bummer.A lot of water has passed under the bridge since 1964.I have attended all the reunions so far but still a lot of people I haven't seen since 1964.A little bit about my life,have been married for 29 years to Maryanne a wonderful girl,have one daughter Wendy 28 years old,one grandson Randy 4 years old and a granddaughter due in June.Spent 3 years in the Viet-a-go-go came home in one piece.I have worked for the government ever since.Present job lock and dam operator at the Soo Locks in Sault Ste. Marie, MI.Five more years till I bail out.I would like to hear from Bob Stuart, class of 64, Alyse Bessonen class of 65, Willia Lenzontti,Chris Kolcheff class of 67.This message is being brought to you by my good friends Ted and Ann Hunt because its their computer,I am completely computer illiterate.Great work Roxie,I'll sign off now.The Bummer 64
From: Sharon (Robotka) Krause ( )
Date: Fri Apr 16 19:09:25 1999
Class of 1985
WOW, thanks Roxanne for e-mailing me. Sure does bring back a lot of old memories. I couldn't help but read through all the messages. I have been married for almost 9 years now and have 3 kids: Kyle, 5 yrs old and Chad & Courtney, both 3. I will tell my sister, Julie, about this page. I am sure she will be interested. This page is very cool. Keep up the good work!!
From: David Gadigian 
Date: Wed Apr 14 13:17:55 1999
Class of 1973
This sight is great!! Hope to hear from some classmates. Great Job, well done!! I married in 1983 I have a wonderful wife (she made me say that) I have two kids a son 14 and a daughter 6 they keep us pretty busy. I was blessed with a beautiful healthy family and a job in the trucking industry, life is good!
From: Anne Kralman (Chalton) ( )
Date: Mon Apr 12 17:53:48 1999
Class of 87
Thanks Roxanne for finding me. I love all of the MHS stuff, it almost makes me homesick. My sister, and dad both gratuated from MHS, so I'll pass the info on to them. Hello to all! Just a suggestion: how about an update on some of the teachers. I know that I had many of the same ones that my dad also had. So some had (have)been around for a long time.
From: Bonnie Smith ( )
Date: Mon Apr 12 15:46:24 1999
Great Site Hi Roxanne What a great site this is! I am so glad you and friends started it. I have often wondered what ever happened to all in our class after this many years. Keep up the good work. If any of class finds any of MOtley Crew pass it on.
From: Ron Raymer ( )
Date: Mon Apr 12 14:09:11 1999
Class of 59
Roxanne, you've done a wonderful job putting together this webpage. Congratulations on its success. Its been a useful tool to get in touch with some of our claassmates. Thank you. Ron Raymer
From: Mike Mussche ( )
Date: Sun Apr 11 20:16:15 1999
Back home at last! 'Hey' to the Class of '72. This website is a beautiful tribute to the students and faculty of good ole' Melvindale High. Thanks to you Roxanne and all those that contributed. After a life of travelling with the military, I'm back home to Michigan and look forward to contacting old friends. I reckon 22 years of military service is what the good Lord decided I needed to prepare for the care and raising of my three sons - now 8, 5 and 3. Yeah, ok - so I'll be 60 when my youngest graduates from High School...there's still plenty of vitamins out there to keep me going!!! Old friends - Please feel free to contact me. I enjoy hearing from you. My sister (Ingeborg - Class of '71) is in Oregon with her family and contact info is
From: Sandy-Higgins-O neill ( )
Date: Sun Apr 11 19:56:55 1999
Class of 72
Hi roxanne. Got your webpage from my sister sue. I married Mike O'Neill fellow class mate of 72. Living in Woodhaven. Three children, Patrick 25, Stacy 23, Kelly 15. Nice to see all these familiar names on the website. keep up the good work! Will check back later. bye!
From: Sue Sutherland ( )
Date: Thu Apr 8 22:56:30 1999
What a wonderful site! I am married to fellow MHS grad (1970)John Massolia (24 years), two kids Meghan, 21, and Ryan, 16, a junior at MHS. Yes, I'm still here. Work in advertising for Heritage Newspapers (the Mellus!)Still see a lot of old friends (that's one good thing about staying in the area). We had a 20th reunion in 1992 and there was a very serious mix-up concerning our classmate Mark Curl. I had the opportunity to talk to Mark before he passed away and straightened everything out. If any of you would like the details, please email me. Also, if anyone remembers Butch Ellison, class of '74 - he passed away June 1998. Miss him very much. he was married to my sister-in-law Linda Massolia ('73). Would love to hear from anyone! I recognize a lot of names from brothers & sisters classes (1964-1966-1969 & 1973)!

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