Dear Fellow Classmates,

This is the very first "round robin" letter.
We began it in May of 1998.
Here is My Contribution:
Glenn Hasenmyer

Hasenmyer's Trek

hmmm...25 years in a few paragraphs eh?

As with everybody else, jumped from MHS in '71. Landed at Lake State in the UP initially. With a couple of brief flybys of Martinez, CA, and Boulder, CO, I made it back downriver married to an England-born Air Force brat, working in the auto industry, and making babies. We had two children, a boy:Karlon who died in 75, and a girl:Katrina {21} who has created a boy:Alan and a girl:Elizabeth of her own design. That entire chapter closed before the eighties dawned.

Connected with my second and current wife, Debbie in '82. We criss-crossed the state from downriver to Ludington to Interlochen. Threw in some more school. Shook, not stirred, a little. And landed working for the State of Michigan by 1986. That jerked me back to the Detroit area again - should sue for whiplash eh? Been there since and now am the Senior Systems Analyst for MAJIC, Michigan Applicant and Job Information Connection. Debbie and I have three children. Two girls:Chelsea {11} the gifted and talented one and Salina {9} the athletic one, and a boy:Glenn Jr {7} the video wiz.

The oldest girl continued a cycle by graduating from MHS. On that cyclical note, I'll end this here and push it on.

Glenn Hasenmyer