Dear Fellow Classmates,

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Michael Bargardi

From: Michael Bargardi (
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 19:59:05 -0400

Hi again.

As I was exploring the website I saw that you incorporated an "In Memory of" section. One of my classmates passed away several years ago and I'd like to request that you add him to the list. His name is Dave Walker, class of 1978.

It's kind of interesting that I got the link sent to me. It was sent to my school e-mail address. The one below is my personal e-mail address and website.

I was curious how you went about obtaining my e-mail addy. Not a big deal....just curious.

Thanks again for the memorial and setting up the website. I hope some of my classmates jump on board. I'm hoping they're not cyberphobic or simply computer illiterates *L*.

Thanks again,

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