Dear Fellow Classmates,

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Julia Weber-Tomasovich

Date: 98-12-14 20:01:43 EST
From: (Julia Tomasovich)


OOPS!!! I forgot the htm at the end lets try
I tried to enter my sister who passed away into the "memory" area. Barbara passed away on April 3 1996 from Breast Cancer. She was in the class of 69. My brother Dale was also killed in a car accident the following March while on a vacation in Brazil. He went to All Saints, but lived in and new all the Melvindale kids also. He probally graduated in 65--I will verify this today for you incase you want to enter him also. The class of 76 also lost Tracy (Johnson) Toth from Breast Cancer just last month. We have had several more you could add, but the one I remember right off hand is Mike Emery--killed in a car accident. I feel like my Mother!!!!


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