Dear Fellow Classmates,

Here is My E-Mail Note:
Jennell Miller-Maples

From: Jennell Miller-Maples (
Date: 98-09-23 23:04:09 EDT
Subject: Melvindale

Well Roxanne...thank's for writing me. I graduated from MHS in 1982. My brother Billie Miller graduated in 1976. I found a very good friend of mine on We lost touch right after high school when she got married. I am truly glad I found her...she was one of my best friends. As for what I am doing now....I'm raising kids...LOL I have two beautiful girls...Melissa is 3 and Jessica is 9 months. I am married to a wonderful man named Fred and live in Dearborn Heights! I am a full-time Wife & Mom but worked for Security Bank & Trust (First of America) for 14 years as an Executive Secretary. Couldn't handle all the stress and strain of mergers & downsizing so I decided to stay at home with my girls. I have never looked back. This was the best decision I ever made.

I have tried several time to access your website. I can't get in...but I'll keep trying though!

Thanks again for writing me. Take Care

Jennell Maples (Miller)

name: Jennell Miller-Maples
web site: none available as of yet