Dear Fellow Classmates,

Here is My E-Mail Note:
Carol Coil-Burns

From: Carol Coil-Burns (
Subj: Melvindale High School
Date: 98-10-16 07:52:59 EDT

Hello Roxanne,

What a wonderful surprise this was!! Thank you so much for finding me!! I have been at the site for well over 2 hours.

My maiden name is Carol Coil. I graduated in 1968 from MHS. I have 2 brothers Ernie, (70) and Chris (79, I think) and a sister Connie (72) who all graduated from MHS. I also have 2 sons that Graduated from MHS (Bob and Scott Fearncombe) and one who will be graduating with the Class of 99, Dustin Burns, who did the MHS website last year.

I wanted to post but couldnt find anything but the guestbook, which I will go back tomorrow and sign. Could you tell me how to go about getting added to the site?

Thanks again!!

Carol (Coil) Burns

name: Carol Coil-Burns
web site: none available as of yet