Dear Fellow Classmates,

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Beverly Brady-Gorka

From: Beverly Brady-Gorka (
Subject: MHS
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 23:19:14 -0600

Hi, Kathy

Beverly (Brady) Gorka is fine and yes its the Class of 78.

I don't remember Dale.

I still live in Michigan, in Dearborn Hts. We have 2 children, our daughter, Brianna, is also a sophmore, at Crestwood. She's in the band-plays on the drum line and plays the bassoon. She's on the tennis team, too. Our son, Jeff, is in the 5th grade, he's just started playing hockey. I saw Ken Tiberia from afar at the sign up for hocky, so I assume he also lives in Dearborn Hts., I've been looking out for him ever since.

I work at VA in Detroit as a pharmacy technician and my husband, also a Melvindale graduate works at a truck trailer service and sales company in Detroit.

I have nine siblings, all graduates of Melvindale High, but I'm the only one on-line.

It worked!!! I got there, with your help. I'll try to get to the site on my own, real soon.

I've got to in the morning :(

Keep in touch, Bev

name: Beverly Brady-Gorka
web site: none available as of yet