Dear Fellow Classmates,

I left this in the Guest Book Registar.
Denise Doty-Achram

Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 20:27:51 -0600


I can't believe that someone actually found my name on the four11. I put it out there about 2 years ago. I knew quite a few people in the class of '71 - your name sounds vaguely familiar. I graduated in '72, maiden name Denise Doty (Denise Achram now). After graduation, I headed off to MSU and transferred to Wayne State Univ. 2 years later. I graduated from WSU with a degree in engineering and completed an MBA several years later. I have spent my entire career at Ford Motor Company, holding various engineering and now management positions. I currently work in Product Development on Team Mustang. I married my college sweetheart, Larry Achram, in 1976. Twenty-two years later, we are still married. We have no children, but have shared our home with several dogs throughout our marriage. My husband, also an engineer, is an executive at the Chrysler Corporation. After playing in the MHS band, I still love music and play the bassoon in community orchestras. My husband and I also like to travel, play tennis & golf and have a passion for exploring the Great Lakes on our boat. We have lived on Grosse Ile for the past 11 years.