A Little City With A Big Heart

Contributed by Don McKinnon - Class of 51


Melvindale was once known as Oakwood Heights, it was named after Melvin Wilkinson. In 1924 a real estate company of Palmer and Flint bought up the farms to create a sub-division later to be Melvindale. In 1925 it was incorporated as a village and in 1932 it was incorporated as a city. On February 6, 1933 the voters approved a city charter. 

Citizens who wanted water during the early times of Melvindale had to go to Oakwood Blvd and Hanna St. to fill up there  containers. This was for the purpose of those family's who did not have water for whatever reason. For a short period of time it became a very popular place to exchange gossip.

Streets Ruth and Reed were named after Melvin’s children, they wanted three children but only had the two so they named a street Prospect for the third child they never had, also Palmer and Flint had streets named after them. Other land owners were Herman Dasher which came Dasher Elementary School, also Anton Kaier owner of the land called Kaier Sub, also Henry Quandt to whom the high school (Melvindale) was named after.

The total area of Melvindale is 2.72 square miles. The original dept of melvindale was finally payed off in 1959 with a population at that time of 4,053.

One of the things that bettered Melvindale is when Tom Cogan got elected Mayor for eleven terms.

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