Hi Roxanne, Bob, and Dave,

Bill Crane from our class (55) is in town this weekend and last night he and

I along with Russ Banush (57) met for dinner at Peppina's and afterwards went

to the Melvindale-Romulus football game.

No one expected Melvindale to win (they're 0 and 4 and Romulus hasn't even

been scored on yet) but it so happened at half time they held the second

annual induction ceremony into the MHS Sports Hall of Fame.  This year's

inductees were the late Wes Danyo, Richard Heiden, and Robert Sims whose

awards were accepted by relatives, and John Pinkowski, Dale Sawicki, and

Frank Semperger who accepted the awards themselves.

Eleanor Danyo Dubois from our class and her husband Chuck (54) sat right in

front of us along with a bunch of their relatives. 

After the game there was a reception in the cafeteria and we ran into a bunch

of other people we hadn't seen for a long time.  Mario Bonfiglio was there;

he's retired from teaching at MHS but is teaching at U of M - Dearborn. 

Donna Schwede and and Marie Morabito from the January '55 class were there. 

We also saw Cora Kelly who was the MHS principal but is now the district CEO.

 I talked to Gary Szakla, the baseball coach, who is proud of his new dugouts

but reported someone tried to torch one last Tuesday.

Someone asked Dale Sawicki if his golf score was anywhere near his age, and

he said since he'd turned 75 it had gotten easier.  He'll be leaving for

Florida at the end of October.

Bill Crane spent his working life writing for papers (the San Francisco

Examiner was one) and working in PR.  He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia

and is touring North America.  He recently visited Jim Chalfonte, the

president of our class, in Kansas City.  Jim retired from Sprint not long

ago.  His wife will retire from that company next year and they plan on

moving to Florida.  We talked about what a good place to learn writing MHS

was in the 50s with teachers like Minnie Bryan and Helen Gilbert.  Pat Jones

Andrews from our class, as you probably know, is the Focus Editor of the

Heritage Newspapers.

Other local news:  we got five inches of rain in two hours on September 11

and nearly everyone's basement flooded, ours included.  We've lived in this

house since 1963 and it had never happened before.  Tons and tons of stuff

got thrown out.  Curbs were lined driveway to driveway with couches,

refrigerators, TV sets, laundry equipment, toys, bikes and like that.

Gotta go, my wife wants to e-mail our daughter in law.

Brian Rogers