My wife Opal, passed away March 30, 2003 of emphysema and CODP in Spring, TX while we were there for the winter.  She was born and raised in Crossville, Alabama. She came to Mi. in the 50's when her father and mother came up here for work purposes.  Her full name was Opal Rebecca Archibald. Her maiden name was Camp.  She was a lovely and caring and giving Lady. She left me with some very great daughters and grandchildren and will never be forgotten by any of us!!!!!  We brought her back here to bury her. She was a Christian woman and is with her Lord just as she hoped she would be.

I still live in Taylor and enjoy golf, swimming, walking and being with family and friends, whenever I can. I enjoy traveling just about anytime to anywhere and go on golfing trips every year.

I still attend New Faith Chapel as often as I can and enjoy church activities.  Losing your spouse turns your entire world upside down. I've been told by several people that have experienced the same thing that learning to live with the situation is about the best you can hope for because you will never "get over it", nor will you ever "forget about it". Well, I will certainly never forget about it but I am trying my very best to learn that life does indeed go on and I will, in the long run, with her memory fresh in my mind and my heart, get on about the everyday business of getting on with my life.