After graduation, I went to CMU for two years and then dropped out. From 1974 to 1983, I worked as a musician and/or typesetter. In 1983, I moved onto a state-game area and lived in a tent (to quit drinking and smoking) and did a lot of fishing, hunting, and reading. I returned to college in 1988. Graduated magna cum laude from WMU in 1989. I went to law school at the University of Idaho 1989-92. I served on the Idaho ACLU state board of directors from 1990-92 and passed the Idaho bar in 1992. I took the Washington bar in 1994. I now work part time as a sole practitioner and full time in a multidisciplinary practice as a senior partner in an association of attorneys and accountants, Swanson, Adams and Ewing LLC, that provides corporate services in the areas of asset protection, corporate planning, financial privacy and planning, commercial loans, accounting and tax consultations. Our web site: is We call it that because we promote "bullet proof" asset protection. I also dabble in internet marketing and corporate IPO start ups. I look back with fondness on high school and all the benefits we received absent obligation. Mr. Bacari used to tell us that we had it made and didn't know it. He was right.